Free Spirit project.

The beginning of a new project.

• ’70s era Sears Freespirit  10 Speed frame
• 22″ aluminum cast Grimeca 5 star mags

Found an appropriate seat and a pair of new handlebars/grips. I still need to order a few more parts and maybe clean up and paint some of the other existing components.

More updates to come!

Intra Country: Patriotic Expressions Closing Reception

Hey all!

I’ve been rather busy lately. Too busy to be blogging about what I’ve been up to. I promise to post some more updates after this week. I just wanted to take the chance to let you all know that the Tricycle that I had been building for quite sometime is currently on exhibit at the wonderful Gallery Kayafas in SoWa! The closing reception is this Friday Aug. 3rd from 5:30pm-8:00pm. Hope to see you there!

1980 Yamaha XS650S

I picked up a new bike the other day. Started up right away. After that I started tearing some stuff off and began going through the bike.

Cleaned the carbs, added some black clip-on handle bars, threw on a black rd400 headlight I had lying around, threw on some UNI two stage pod filters, threw on a fresh Yuasa battery and filled up the transmission with some fresh Motul synthetic 10w-40 gearbox oil.

I also ordered a new exhaust kit and some heat wrap.

Should be a real fun bike. I need to order some Gaitor covers for the forks, throw on a larger rear wheel, order some on-off road tires, some new rear sets, and fabricate a new seat and battery box.

Lots of updates to come!!!

Mini Trike project update

Here are a few pics of current updates for my Trike project…

Classified-Moto Build

Awesome build from Classified Moto influenced by the famous P.K Ripper BMX Bikes utilizing a Yamaha XS650…

Yamaha XS650

John Ryland of Classified Moto

I encourage you to read the whole article. Bike EXIF is a wonderful site.

Promo Material

My Promo Material arrived the other day for my personal business! Business Cards, Postcards and pins!



Hello all,


I have taken on a new project with one of my Professors. We are using a 1940’s Bicycle that I found in some random location in Pennsylvania and transforming it into a trike powered by a 1976 variated Motobecane engine. It aught to be fun. Heres a pic of the bike in its current state.

I’ve also made a lot of progress on the RD400. I finally received the first batch of parts for the bike. Fork seals, dust covers and new intake manifolds w/ crossover tube. The intakes can also be used for Boost Bottles which I plan on getting soon.

I’ve stripped the bike completely down and am now ready to do some frame work to the rear end, cut off any excess tabs and get ready to sandblast and paint everything.

As for the engine, I began taking apart everything to install new gskets as well as rebuild the top end.

and here’s a random image of my Cimatti City Bike that I work on now and then.

A lot more to come soon!

Happy Blasting…



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